In the year 2003 a group of young cricket enthusiast from Sri lanka get together to continue playing their loved sport Cricket in Beausoleil – South of France. 
After 6 years in 2009 the group has been organized into a cricket club named “Beausoleil Cricket Club”.
The Beausoleil Cricket Club (BCC) was founded in 2009 for the purpose of promoting cricket in Beausoleil and its surrounding areas. We encourage, foster, and cultivate interest in the game of cricket as well as initiate and promote activities that further the development and advancement of cricket in South of France.
  • Play cricket like a true team while preserving spirit of the sport.
  • Encourage youngsters and seasoned players alike to further promote the game in the region.
  • Have fun and treat other members of the league with due respect. The primary objective is to maintain team/sportsman spirit. We strongly feel that it is a gentlemen’s sport and must be seen that way.
  • Preserve discipline on and off the field.
  • Forge and grow the club based on voluntary and community based involvement.
Most members of the club are residents of Beausoleil. Members represent all ages and backgrounds. BCC is an equal opportunity organization and is strictly against discrimination of any kind.

Interested in playing cricket?

If you love cricket with a friendly attitude than this club is for you. Please download the application form below. Completed application should be sent to Beausoleil Cricket Club, 6 avenue d’Alsace, 06240 Beausoleil.
Application form : Click here

Sponcorship opportunities

If you are interested in sponsorship of Beausoleil Cricket Club, please feel free to contact us for the levels of sponsorship currently available.

Interested in making a donation?

Our club is small and all extra help is needed. If you have interest, time and skills to contribute to our cricket club, please let us know. Also if you want to make donation to Beausoleil Cricket Club please click the button below, we appreciate your kindness.

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